Internet browser Vivaldi, which officially appeared last week, must attract at least five million subscribers to become profitable

The release of Vivaldi 1.0 occurs after a 15-month development process that Icelandic software veteran Jon von Techner funded with $ 6 million of their money. Icelander was among the founders of the browser Opera, hopes that his new project, which offers a high degree of functionality for one browser will be able to attract the majority of users of global brands such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari itself Opera. So far the test version of Vivaldi already downloaded several million times, but the company did not disclose how many people have become regular users.

Microsoft introduced new hardware requirements for Windows 10

From July 28 this year, manufacturers of computers, mobile phones and tablets with Windows OS 10 must maintain standard TPM 2.0. For this purpose their devices must be equipped with a special crypto or firmware, which will be used for encryption and integrity checking software and data for the identification and registration reliable operating system.

ICQ 10.0 Build 12030

ICQ (I Seek You - I'm looking for you) is a program that lets you find friends and connect with them "online" - in real time. With ICQ, you can create a "Contact List" - a list of contacts containing only people with whom you would like to contact, you can send them messages, send files, you can configure ICQ-it is working with other applications installed on your computer and much more.
ICQ also gives you an opportunity for a group conference call and of course video and audio calls like Skype.

SmartFTP 7.0.2212

SmartFTP is a tool for transferring files over the Internet. Some of its many features are: SSL (I / E), FXP support multiple simultaneous connections, support for proxy firewall, drag and drop from IE, as well as caching of remote directory. This is a solid FTP client that is constantly improving.

Wine 1.9.8

Wine is the miracle that allows you to run Windows applications under Linux. The program will provide a Windows interface for Linux-based systems. With Wine can run your favorite Windows programs on Linux operating environment as the program itself is absolutely independent than Windows, because it is based on a code different from that of Microsoft, but also can use its dynamic libraries. A great way to connect these two operating systems.
Wine e program, through which you can run on GNU / Linux operating systems, many applications written for Windows OS.